All Dogs Are Created Equal

Some of us love a big shaggy Saint Bernard greeting us when we get home and slobbering on us like we were a Popsicle. Some of us like to have a little carrying pouch for our chihuahua or poodle. Some dogs have trouble as they grow older and larger, while some small dogs have trouble with broken bones. Either way we love our dogs and we want to provide them with all the attention and care they deserve. That’s why when things go wrong it really pays to have dog insurance or some sort of alternative to pet insurance.

The truly hard part of pet ownership is when your animal gets ill or has an injury. You being an empathetic owner just want the absolute best. With an alternative to pet insurance you will have that and then some!

What I like most about Pet Assure‘s alternative to dog insurance is that they keep the rate consistent regardless of your dog’s age. You can even enroll pets with pre-existing conditions. Unlike a lot of companies these guys truly seem to have us and our pet’s needs in mind. It is enough to allow you to relax and really appreciate your time with your pup, no matter how big or small he may be.

My Favorite Pup

I visited a friend I had not spoken to in some time recently. I got to hang out in his backyard and spend time with Dutch, a pit-bull and my favorite dog in the world.

I never had a dog growing up and I still have not managed to have one in adulthood. That said, I have loved a lot of dogs. None more, though, than the now sixteen year old Dutch. Sadly Dutch has recently fallen into a slump. He’s sluggish and big and he is probably, it pains me to say, not going to be around much longer.

My friend was telling me how lucky they were to have an alternative to dog insurance that would allow them to give old Dutch the maximum comfort for his particular predicaments.

Whenever a friend tells me about their dog or whenever I get to spend time with a friends puppy I relay this information to them. Pet owners need to have pet insurance or some alternative, or they may find themselves spending thousands of dollars on a beloved animal. Or far worse putting a pet to sleep before it’s time.

Pets can be such an amazing source of joy and comfort, they really deserve the best. The best way to guarantee they get the right care is by having insurance for dogs or some alternative.

Spring Checklist and Pet Insurance

Even though it may not feel like spring at the moment, it officially is. Right now you’re probably thinking about the joys of spring cleaning, but let’s not forget about “cleaning” our pets too. Warm weather equals a lot more days spent at the dog park, so now is the perfect time to take your pets to the vet for a checkup –and don’t forget the alternative to veterinary pet insurance, Pet Assure, to help you pay for it.

Spring and summer are the times for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. When you visit the vet, ask about what vaccines and treatments your pet needs to prevent infection and disease. Inquire which shots are a must-have and which are not. Flea and tick control and heartworm prevention are definitely necessary. Besides just a routine check-up, it’s a good idea to have blood work done to ensure your pet is healthy and fit.

Although good grooming should be done year round, it’s just as important as ever to increase the health benefits of your pet. Clip their nails, clean their ears, and always take good care of their teeth. Spring is synonymous with gardening, so use caution with pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals you may be using. With these helpful reminders and the alternative to a pet insurance plan, you and your pets can enjoy a wonderful spring!

Reduce Your Costs with Pet Assure

Did you know you can spend almost $2,000 a year owning a large dog? Opting for a small dog won’t save you much more. They can cost you roughly $1,300 a year or more. ASPCA, an organization dedicated to ending animal cruelty, compiled a chart to give future pet owners a better idea about the costs of owning a pet. The chart, located here, is a rough estimate. However, you can expect to pay at least these amounts, if not much more. Dogs, cats, and rabbits all cost over $1,000 a year, which includes, food, vet visits, toys, and cages. The list doesn’t even factor in unexpected veterinary visits, dog walkers, or boarding facilities.

With such high costs, you’ll be looking for numerous ways to save –without affecting the quality of life you provide for your pet. One of the easiest ways to reduce your bills is to purchase Pet Assure, the alternative to pet health insurance. But why the alternative? Because Pet Assure doesn’t discriminate against your pets. This affordable pet insurance will enroll all your pets, even if they have pre-existing conditions. They also cover many of the health conditions that other companies exclude.

Don’t skimp on Fido’s new toys and food. The best way to save money is just a click away!

Improve Your Health and Become a Pet Owner

pet insuranceWe always talk about the health of your pets and how you need pet insurance or a pet health plan to reduce veterinary  bills. But today I want to discuss how having a pet in your family can improve your health! Here are a few ways our furry friends make us healthier:

  • Decreases stress: A well-known 2002 study confirmed that when pets are close by, stress levels are reduced.
  • Lowers blood pressure: Although some studies didn’t show a strong connection, most studies show that your pet can lower your blood pressure, especially if you are at high-risk for hypertension.
  • Reduces pain: Got a bad migraine? Cuddle up with your pet. This goes back to the lowering of stress. With less stress comes less pain!
  • Improves mood: Pets simply make you happy and when you’re happy, you feel better. Pets decrease depression.
  • Monitors blood sugar levels: A study back in 1992 revealed that 1/3 of dogs living with diabetics would change their behavior when the person’s blood sugar level dropped. This is most likely because of chemical changes in the person’s body.
  • Prevents allergies: This only works for children and not in all cases. Studies found that young children who grow up around animals are less likely to develop allergies. They also have better immune systems

Pet Health: Cat Pregnancy

You and your precious little kitty are about to become proud parents! Congratulations! Before you get too excited and start preparing your home for a new litter, there are a few things you should be aware of so you can properly look after her. Although you might consider her “demanding” all of the time, she will become even more so when pregnant. She will become very vocal, either because she wants extra attention or because she’s feeling discomfort.

The pregnancy will last about 65-69 days. She will gain weight, but not until she’s closer to giving birth. She will begin to eat more and like humans, she can get cravings. Don’t let her gain too much weight. Take her to the vet to make sure her weight is appropriate. Because of increased pressure in her abdomen, she might not always make it to the bathroom. Therefore, you shouldn’t scold her for having an accident.

When she goes into labor, she will be searching for a quite nesting area. You can create a nice paper-lined box for her to use. Try to stay out of the birthing process, unless something goes wrong, and remain calm. You do not want to agitate her. After the birth, you’ll be making a lot of trips to the vet so now is the perfect time to purchase the alternative to cat insurance –Pet Assure!

Are You a Pet Lover? There’s an App for That!

pet insuranceWith over 300,000 apps for the iPhone alone, does it really come as a surprise that there are tons of apps for all you pet lovers out there? If you’ve got an iPhone, here are some of the best apps for you and your pet to enjoy:

  • PetMD – They actually have a few different apps that you should check out. One is a symptom checker so you can find out if Fido is really sick or just ate some bad kibble. The Veterinary Term app is handy for those who have no idea what the vet is talking about. And lastly, Finder will locate dog parks, groomers, vets, emergency clinics, and more.
  • Pet Notebook – Useful for those with multiple pets, or those who simply can’t remember every minute detail about their pet. Keep track of medications, microchip numbers, birth dates, vet info, and so much more.
  • Paw Nation – Stay up-to-date on animal news, watch funny videos, and smile at all the adorable pet photos.
  • – Looking to adopt a new friend? You can search for one from over 13,000 shelters and rescue groups.

These are just some of the many great apps available. And don’t forget to purchase Pet Assure, the number one alternative to pet health insurance.

Waiting Room Etiquette

pet insuranceThe wait at your vet can be even worse than the wait at your regular doctor. Instead of just keeping yourself busy, you also have to keep your pet entertained. A trip to the vet can be an anxiety-filled event and it’s your responsibility to keep your pet calm, happy and out of trouble. Here’s a list of things not to do in the waiting room:

  • Don’t bring your cat unrestrained. Even if your cat is calm and sweet, you should keep it near you. Otherwise, your cat may agitate other animals and you don’t want Fluffy to get hurt. The best idea is to use a carrier.
  • Don’t let your dog roam free. Your dog not only needs to be on a leash, he needs to be within close range for the same reasons mentioned above.
  • Don’t act like this is the dog park. This is not the time to introduce your pet to other pets. You don’t know how sick and contagious the other animals are.
  • Don’t bring small children with you, if possible. You don’t need the added stress of watching and entertaining your children too.

What you should do is be attentive to your pet and make it feel safe. You can also purchase Pet Assure, the alternative to dog insurance and cat insurance to reduce your veterinary bills, and your own stress.

Debunking Pet Health Myths

pet insurance planEveryone knows a good ol’ wive’s tale or two…or twenty, but some of these myths that relate to pet health can be harmful. Let’s get to the bottom of these myths and tell you what advice you should really follow!

-Cats should drink warm milk. Everyone believes that kitties just love a nice bowl of milk, but the reality is that it can make your cat, or dog, very sick. Cats and dogs aren’t able to break down lactose and this can give them diarrhea or vomiting.

-My pet is sick because his nose is wet/dry. If your pet is sick, his nose can be either wet or dry so don’t assume that one is indicative of illness. You should be concerned if the level of moisture changes and the animal’s behavior changes.

-There’s nothing wrong with table scraps. Some are worried about their pets health because of dangerous food recalls, but the truth is that people food isn’t much better for them. Pets need a consistent diet and their bodies aren’t the same as ours. A little piece of chicken won’t kill your dog, but never make it a habit.

-It’s okay to kiss your dog. We all appreciate a lovable lick on the face, but think about where that tongue has been. People with compromised immune systems might actually get sick. The solution? Take good care of your pet’s oral hygiene.

If you’re ever concerned about your pet, don’t hesitate to put Pet Assure’s alternative to pet insurance to good use and visit the vet.

National Pet Dental Health Month

It’s February and you know what that means! Actually, you might not. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, so whip out your toothbrushes and start cleaning! New research shows that proper dental hygiene can actually extend your pet’s life. Although only 1% of dog owners brush their pet’s teeth regularly, about 77% purchased dental treats last year. If you don’t have time to brush Fluffy’s teeth everyday, dental treats are a great alternative.

However, not all dental treats were created equal. Look for a Seal of Acceptance on the treat, which is provided by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. This seal guarantees that the product has been tested and meets or exceeds their expectations at removing plaque. Improper dental care leads to more than just bad breath and teeth though. Dental problems can cause issues in the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

When taking care of your pet’s teeth, be on the look out for bleeding or swollen gums and bad breath. When you take your pet to the vet, he will also exam the pet’s teeth to ensure nothing is wrong. While February may be the official awareness month, practice good pet oral hygiene all year round. As always, choose Pet Assure for your pet health insurance alternative.

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