If you have a cat or a dog or any kind of animal, you probably treat them just as you treat your family members. Pets are as important to us as anybody living in the house and we always want the best for our house pets! But these days, when vets and insurance bills can come up to a lot of money – how can you make sure that you’ll always be able to financially cover your pet’s health costs?

Well, you can, and it’s easier than ever. Pet Assure is the preferred alternative to insurance coverage for your family pet. Unlike pet insurance, all pets are covered; regardless of age, medical condition or any pre-existing condition. There are no exclusions, no deductibles and no waiting for reimbursement.

Oh, and no need for a quote also, as Pet Assure’s minimal cost remains consistent for our members and so do the savings. We are the alternative coverage to pet insurance for every pet! So, you can start now by search for a participating veterinarian and don’t forget to visit our blog for news and information about your pet’s health!