Too many pets suffer every year from treatable diseases, all because finding an affordable pet health plan can be hard for some people. Regular pet insurance is expensive and often has so many clauses and exclusions that some pets can’t even get the help they need. Problems like diabetes or thyroid issues are often turned down because they’re pre-existing conditions. Our pets mean the world to us and that’s why Pet Assure has a pet insurance alternative that is low-cost and has absolutely no exclusions.

It’s true that in this economy getting coverage for your pet may seem like a luxury, but it isn’t. Their health is as important as yours, and if anything happened to them, you know you wouldn’t forgive yourself for not having them covered. So don’t take the risk! Can’t afford it? With Pet Assure, you can. Afraid your dog is too old for coverage? Not with Pet Assure. You can get coverage for any pet, any age, with any condition. If you are still hesitant, you can try Pet Assure for 45 days risk free.

No one has any excuse for not taking care of the ones you love, furry or otherwise! So make the choice to cover your best friend so they can keep giving you love!