When my roommate said he wanted a dog, I was nervous but also a little excited. I am a canine lover! They’re among the greatest creatures of the animal kingdom; Loyal, fun, often funny, and just a genuine pleasure to be around. Thing is, a few years ago I had roommates that were really not consistent with their pet care. Sometimes, their dogs needed medical attention, but my roommates had very little money and clearly even less sense, and they just let the poor babies go unattended. It was horribly distressing.

“If you want to bring a dog here,” I told my roommate, “you’ll need to invest in dog insurance .” There was no way I was living with a sad, sick animal again. It would be too much to bear. He agreed affably and went to find the perfect dog.

He found a little pit-bull puppy, young enough to train effectively, and just adorable. It has been a joy having the little guy around. We all get to enjoy him and my roommate really gives him the best medical care. He ended up with a cheap pet insurance alternative and is very happy to say that it has saved him a lot on his pet care costs. Were all thrilled and feel secure that this puppy will be with us for a long time.