When we think about pet insurance and its alternatives we usually reserve the thought for dogs. Cats don’t get a lot of attention. Though a cat may lack your dog’s sense of risk-taking, they can still come down with a wide variety of ailments. Saving the life of your cat could turn out to be just as expensive and stressful as saving that of a dog. You value your cat as much as any other pet (or more), so why should you skimp on a cat pet insurance plan, or something like it?

We love all of our pets equally and it is important to keep that in mind when planning for your pet’s future. It makes no difference if it is a playful puppy or a precocious kitten we’re talking about. These animals deserve full and fun lives; they certainly do enough to help make ours full and fun. It is with that in mind that we recommend some sort of version of cat insurance just as highly as we would dog insurance or its alternative. A cat can really make a home complete. They help us ward off pests and some of the blues of loneliness. Their general self-sufficiency aside, we owe them real care.