The good times. A friend of mine loved his dog more than anything in the world. He made his dog his background on his phone and his computer, he had photos around his desk and house. Each day it was hard to see who was more excited about who. Those two were truly best friends in a way that was touching and in the end a little heart breaking.

Eventually his dog, like all dogs and us, got sick. They spent a long time trying to keep the dog healthy, thanks to an alternative to pet insurance they had wisely invested in. But eventually things would not hold out and the dog, at the ripe age of seventeen, passed away peacefully. It was great that the alternative dog insurance kept the pup alive so long; we were all grateful. My friend was devastated. Nothing was going to replace that dog in his life or his  heart.

Somewhat luckily, we had spent much of the past several years video taping the dog extensively. Now my dear friend  could relive some moments with his favorite pooch. It was touching watching him enjoy the company of his favorite dog. It was touching for me to because I think he might have been my favorite too.