Last week I spoke of my roommate whom I required to get a pet insurance alternative before he could bring a puppy into our apartment. Well, lucky us, Brian went out and found a cheap dog insurance alternative and as soon as he signed up, he found himself an adorable new pit-bull. At eight weeks old, we have already gotten to know Cassie’s amazing personality and cannot wait to see what kind of a dog she will grow up to be.

Cassie is already proving to be smart as a whip. Brian works from home, and therefore can afford a maternity leave’s worth of time off for his puppy. Within five days of Cassie’s arrival, Brian had trained her to go to the bathroom on her Wee Wee Pad and also had taught her to sit on command. This is no small feat for a dog so young.

This is the first time I have ever lived with a dog. Every minute is a new discovery with her around. She has taken pretty kindly to our frequent guests and everyone cannot wait to spoil her. Just yesterday, a trip to Target became a test of how much restraint I could show while walking through the puppy gear aisle.