For nearly 30 years, pet health insurance has been available in the US. But only in recent years has this service been surging in popularity. There may be several reasons for this rising force in the insurance industry. One of them could be the humanization and changing approach to the family pet. Despite the economic downturn, many people still tend to their pets as if they are in fact family members, and many would attest that they feel their pet is an inseparable part of the family.

The United States has 78 million dogs and 93 million cats. According to an estimate from the American Pet Products Association, three percent of dogs and one percent of cats are now covered by pet insurance. If that number seems small, think about the fact that this is actually an increase double in size since 1998, when only one percent of dogs and virtually no cats were covered.

Another reason for the rise of pet insurance is the rising cost of medical services performed on pets. A visit to a veterinary doctor can run from 100 dollars to thousands. To avoid this price shock, many are turning to pet insurance to stay safely in the range of decent pet care.