2010 has seen a record amount of people who have covered their pets using pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative. With the importance of pet insurance and other alternatives on the rise, employers across the nation are adjusting their benefit packages in an attempt to persuade potential employees. In recent years it seems that many employers have had to deliver a lot of bad news to employees as far as benefits go, and the recent rise in pet insurance acquisitions and pet insurance alternative acquisitions by companies implies that the cost may not be as high as once thought. Some of the largest companies in the US have added pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative to their list of benefits. Brand names like Morgan Stanley, HP, BMW, The Boeing Company and many more. In fact, at this point, five out of every Fortune 500 companies have already offered pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative as a voluntary benefit to their employees.

Finding affordable pet insurance or a pet insurance alternative is becoming one of the most talked about benefits in the employment world and the online community is already buzzing with links and reviews to pet insurance and pet insurance alternative companies. It will probably become as common as human health insurance as more people have pets and the cost of maintaining their health keeps rising. If you have a pet that is not covered, now is probably the time to research insurance.